25 May Thursday, 20 Uhr Philharmonie Berlin, Kammermusiksaal

Das Mädchen ohne Hände

RIAS Kammerchor

In this premiere of "Mädchen ohne Hände", a piece composed especially for the RIAS Kammerchor Berlin, Frank Schwemmer will provide a musical overview of the topic of "traumas" and their personal, historical and societal causes and consequences. Surprising pictorial worlds, candid discussion and meaningful changes of perspective break up the division between fiction and reality and make us reflect.


Francis Poulenc
Huit chansons françaises
Frank Schwemmer
Das Mädchen ohne Hände
(Uraufführung, Auftragskomposition des RIAS Kammerchor Berlin)


Denis Comtet, Conductor RIAS Kammerchor, Choir

Philharmonie Berlin, Kammermusiksaal

  • Philharmonie Berlin, Kammermusiksaal

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