19 Nov 2023 Sunday, 17 Uhr St. Elisabeth-Kirche

Abschlusskonzert internationale Meisterklasse für Chordirigieren

Rundfunkchor Berlin

It's been five years since the Rundfunkchor Berlin organised the last International Master Class Berlin for Choral Conducting – but this season it's taking place once again! Enjoy listening to the outcomes of this unique project in the St. Elisabeth Church: here, renowned conductor Simon Halsey supports up-and-coming conductors.


Joseph Haydn
“Die Schöpfung” –
Oratorium für Soli, Chor und Orchester Hob XXI:2


Simon Halsey, Mentor Sam Allchurch, Conductor Rong Zhang, Conductor Heide Müller, Conductor Nico Köhs, Conductor Jack Apperley, Conductor Kuo-Jen Mao, Conductor Sophia Khutsishvili, Conductor Guram Tsintsadze, Conductor Rundfunkchor Berlin, Orchestra Christina Seifert, Alto Holger Marks, Tenor Axel Scheidig, Basso Barbara Berg, Soprano Philip Mayers, Pianist

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