25 May 2024 Saturday, 15.30 Uhr Mall of Berlin
Free admission

10 Years of Symphonic Mob

Berliner Musikenthusiasten jeden Alters Mitglieder des DSO ensemberlino vocale


Sergei Prokofiev
“Dance of the Knights” from “Romeo and Juliet”
Giuseppe Verdi
Brindisi from the Opera “La Traviata”
Aram Chatschaturjan
Waltz from the “Masquerade” suite
Georg Friedrich Händel
“Halleluja” from “Messiah”


Marie Jacquot, Conductor Berliner Musikenthusiasten jeden Alters, Orchestra Mitglieder des DSO, Ensemble ensemberlino vocale, Choir Mall of Berlin, In cooperation with Förderkreis des DSO, Kindly supported by
Free admission

Mall of Berlin

  • Mall of Berlin

    A great location for the Symphonic Mob

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