Richard Strauss: Symphonia Domestica & Die Tageszeiten

Komponisten: Richard Strauss

Dirigent/in: Marek Janowski

Produzent: Pentatone

Veröffentlicht: 8. Juni 2015

Die Tageszeiten for male choir and orchestra was commissioned in 1927 by the Wiener Schubertbund, who also performed the première of the piece under conductor Viktor Keldorfer on 21 July 1928 in Vienna during the Deutsche Sängerbundesfest. Here, Strauss set poems by Eichendorff to music in four romantic scenes: Der Morgen, Mittagsruh, Der Abend and Die Nacht. The pieces have also been described as the Four Last Songs for Choir, thus theoretically referring - in Die Nacht, with its birdsong imitated by flute and clarinet - to Im Abendrot from the Vier Letzte Lieder. The choral settings have a captivating harmonic luminosity, melodic simplicity, instrumental finesse, and an almost unheard-of sonic serenity. “[Here] choir and orchestra [are] brought to a perfect balance [...] both partners share the invocation of the idyllic and the dark sides of romantic nature.” (Eichner).