Komponisten: Igor Strawinsky

Dirigent/in: Sir Simon Rattle

Produzent: EMI Classics

Veröffentlicht: 13. Juni 2008

„Alle drei Werke werden geschmeidig und souverän musiziert, perfekt ausbalanciert zwischen den Sätzen und, in der Psalmensinfonie, zwischen Orchester und Chor, der sich in überragender Verfassung zeigt und der Musik Transparenz und ein „klassisches“ Flair verleiht.“
Andrew Clements, The Guardian

„Die Philharmoniker spielen wunderbar, besonders in der Psalmensinfonie, in der der Rundfunkchor Berlin herausragt.“
Daily Telegraph

„Höhepunkt der CD ist die Psalmensinfonie. Hier bringt der Rundfunkchor Berlin seine Seele ein und singt in fein modellierten Steigerungen bis in die höchsten Sphären."
Dirk Hühner, Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg

„Bei der schwebend vergeistigten Psalmensinfonie ist allein die Mitwirkung des vorzüglichen Berliner Rundfunkchores ein Garant für das Gelingen.“
Manuel Brug, Die Welt

"The three very different works that Stravinsky called "symphony", and which were composed at the height of his neoclassical phase in the 1930s and 40s, conveniently take up a single CD. Simon Rattles performances, all taken from concerts in Berlins Philharmonie, are as energised and impeccably played as one would expect, with the woodwind contributions a particular delight. Predictably, its the last of the trilogy, the stark Symphony in Three Movements from 1946, that makes the biggest impression, with Rattle channelling its energy and athleticism uncompromisingly. Yet all three works have a litheness and confidence, a perfect balance between the sections, and, in the Symphony of Psalms, between the orchestra and the superbly groomed choir, that give the music a transparent, "classical" feel. Rattles performance of the Symphony of Psalms gets the balance between celebratory exuberance and liturgical grandeur exactly right, releasing the energy of the finale in a controlled display of orchestral virtuosity. Those who download the complete disc from EMI get a bonus - Rattles account of the Symphonies of Wind Instruments."
Andrew Clements, Guardian

"As one might expect from these forces, the asceticism of neo-Classical Stravinsky plays second fiddle to the orchestras natural plushness. But while the textures sound a little weightier than we are used to, Simon Rattles mastery in orchestral balancing ensures that nothing is compromised.
There is some delectable playing here, especially from the woodwind in the Bachian counterpoint at the heart of the Symphony of Psalms, where the Berlin Radio Chorus also excels. And the richness of sound does nothing to dampen the rhythmic vitality that is at the heart of the two purely instrumental works. "
British Daily Telegraph

Nr. Track-Titel Angaben zum Werk min
Symphonie in Drei Sätzen Werk: Symphonie in Drei Sätzen
Dirigent: Sir Simon Rattle
Ensemble: Berliner Philharmoniker
[22 min]
Psalmensymphonie Werk: Psalmensymphonie
Dirigent: Sir Simon Rattle
Ensemble: Berliner Philharmoniker
Chorleiter: Simon Halsey
Rundfunkchor Berlin
[23 min]
Symphony in C Werk: Symphony in C
Dirigent: Sir Simon Rattle
Ensemble: Berliner Philharmoniker
[31 min]